Find Plenty Of Great Teaching Jobs In Abu Dhabi

Educational recruiters from around the world are looking for native-English speaking instructors who are interested in teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi. Hundreds of openings exist at all grade levels from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Why Are There So Many Teaching Jobs In Abu Dhabi?

In 2005, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) was created. The AEDC was tasked with developing and improving the educational system in the country so that students can learn the skills they need to attend institutions of higher learning and be well-prepared to compete in a global economy.

There are four main goals of the program:

1. Elevate school quality

2. Improve access to P-12 education

3. Provide affordable options of high-quality private education

4. Increase focus on national identity and career development

The need for English-speaking teachers is seen as imperative to the success of this program since these instructors can help the schools understand western education methodologies and help improve students and their fellow educators’ understanding of the language. These educators are seen as being able to help improve teaching quality and the overall learning environment, help develop strong school leadership, and encourage parental involvement. They are expected to help every student develop to his or her maximum potential and identify specific areas of focus and improvement to support students in becoming independent thinkers and problem-solvers.

There are over 300 public schools and 150 private international schools that are all seeking native-English speaking teachers. Positions range from kindergarten through the end of high school (Grade 12).


You will need to possess a teaching certificate/degree and have some experience teaching in your home country. Teachers also need to be native-English speakers.

Where Are The Teaching Jobs Located?

There are three main regions where jobs are located: Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain, and Al Gharbia.

Things To Know

• Don’t expect your students or even your Arab colleagues to be fluent in English. The language is new to the curriculum, so proficiency is low.

• Only English, Mathematics and Sciences classes are taught in English. The rest of the courses will be conducted in Arabic as part of the country’s focus on bi-literate education.

• The school week runs from Sunday through Thursday.

• Your salary in Abu Dhabi is tax-free, but you may owe income taxes to your home country so check in to this if you do decide to pursue an opportunity outside of your home country.

Finding A Job

The (ADEC) has contracted with school faculty recruitment agencies throughout the English-speaking world to source teachers on behalf of the Council. These agencies serve as consultants to the AEDC and are charged with recruiting teachers, heads of faculty, principals, advisors and cluster managers to work in the schools.

A recruitment/consultancy agency offers you the best shot at landing a teaching job in Abu Dhabi. These agencies help match teachers with jobs and provide great support for expatriate teachers in Abu Dhabi once they’ve been placed.

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